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Membership Criteria​

  1. Must reside or be employed within the bond of membership – County of Victoria and County of St. Patrick
  2. Completed Membership Application form.
  3. Copies of any combination of two (2) of the following:
    • National Identification Card
    • Driver’s Permit
    • Passport
    • Birth Certificate (if applicant has ONLY one of the above)
  4. Address verification via a recent utility bill (in your name) as per the last cycle. Please liaise with the Credit Union if the bill in your name is unavailable.
  5. Evidence of Employment via a recent Pay slip and/or Job letter. Please liaise with the Credit Union if you are either self-employed or unemployed.
  6. Recommendation by an existing member of the Credit Union in good standing. The recommender must sign the Membership Application form in the space provided.

All applications for membership must be approved by the Board of Directors. New members are also required to attend a Member’s Orientation session.