A Share account paves the road to all the benefits of the Antilles Employees’ Credit Union. Members’ Shares represent the major form of savings within the Society and are the members’ equity in the Credit Union. Members’ Shares are used as collateral for loans.

The Shares account offers competitive dividend rates, declared annually at the Annual General Meeting and paid as at that month. The dividend is calculated based on your average number of Shares monthly.

Each approved applicant is required to purchase a minimum of one (1) Share, valued at five dollars (TTD $5.00). Requests to withdraw Shares must be made in writing or via prescribed forms.


Deposit Account

The Deposit account has a multiplicity of uses:

  • Standing Order payments
  • Insurance payments
  • Withdrawals

Special Shares

This savings portfolio carries special incentives:

  • Dividend rates are predetermined
  • The minimum opening deposit is Five Hundred Dollars (TTD $500.00)
  • Additional deposits can be made in sums not less than Five Hundred Dollars (TTD $500.00)
  • Dividends on the Special Shares Account can be withdrawn quarterly, half-yearly and annually.