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In the early years of the 20th century, a vision took shape that would transform the lives of countless individuals. This vision was held by Mr. Monty Morancie, a driven individual whose dedication and foresight led to the establishment of a financial institution that would change the trajectory of many families for generations to come.

Guided by the wisdom and support of the La Brea Parish Priest, Fr. Canon McNamera, Mr. Monty Morancie embarked on a remarkable journey. Their shared aim was to create a space where employees of the Antilles Oil Company could find financial security, community, and empowerment. To achieve this, they orchestrated a series of regular lecture sessions and group discussions that sparked interest and kindled unwavering support among the employees.

It was in the early days of 1948 that the seeds of this endeavor bore fruit, giving birth to what we now know as the Antilles Employees Credit Union (Co-Operative) Society Limited. The culmination of their efforts was marked by the official registration of the Credit Union as the 66th of its kind in Trinidad & Tobago on May 11th, 1949.

In its nascent stages, the first home of the Antilles Employees Credit Union was nestled within the offices of the Antilles Oil Company. These humble beginnings were a testament to the determined spirit that fueled this initiative. However, the transformation of the landscape was inevitable, and with the emergence of the Texaco Oil Company, the Antilles Oil Company was dissolved, causing ripples that impacted the Credit Union significantly.

Undeterred by this challenge, the Credit Union continued to navigate the tides of change. As the Antilles Oil Company’s office premises evolved into the present-day NESC Centre, the Credit Union relocated to accommodate this transformation. The embrace of change became integral to its survival.

Yet, the narrative of the Antilles Employees Credit Union was not without its trials. The ebb and flow of membership, influenced by the shifting sands of industry and employment, saw its numbers dwindle. By the year 1966, the membership roster had contracted to a mere 91, and the share capital stood at $23,000.00.

However, the story of the Credit Union did not end here. It was a story of resilience, innovation, and dedication. Through the implementation of meticulous control measures, the infusion of the Share incentive and Fixed Character policies, and the pursuit of solid, long-term investments, the Credit Union turned a new page.

Embracing the power of education and outreach, programs like the Youth Development Programme were introduced, breathing new life into its mission. Over time, these strategic steps ignited a remarkable transformation. The Antilles Employees Credit Union, once grappling with decline, flourished. By the close of December 2018, its membership had swelled to a remarkable 14,897, with a monumental Share balance of $216,316,095.00.

The journey of the Antilles Employees Credit Union mirrors the essence of resilience, the spirit of community, and the unwavering commitment to its members’ well-being. From its inception in the midst of discussions and lectures to its thriving presence today, the Credit Union stands as a living testament to the power of collective vision, persistence, and the potential to shape lives for the better.

Mission Statement

To ensure organisational growth, using co-operative principles and good practices, whilst maintaining our humanitarian efforts and keeping abreast of technological improvement.

Our Vision

  • To provide sustainable value to shareholders.
  • To develop strong alliances within the community.
  •  To continue on the part of sustainable growth and development based on the co-operative principles.
First President
Mr. Monty Morancie

We have a great history



Registered May 11th. First President - Monty Morancie


Official opening of AECU building


First Million Dollars in Shares - November 29th


Introduction of the Youth Development Programme - May 9th


Platinum (70th) Anniversary


Established 10th November


Affiliation with CUNA Insurance


Silver (25th) Anniversary - May 11th


Introduction of the Medical Assistance Plan - June 3rd


Golden (50th) Anniversary - May 11th